The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a rigorous academic curriculum for self-motivated and achievement-oriented students. Because the IB Diploma Program offers a comprehensive and systematic education of the whole person, it is widely regarded as the most challenging college preparatory program in the world.

It is a two-year curriculum in which High School students take courses and examinations from the six groups of the IB Diploma Programmme curriculum.

Let's welcome our Head of School

Mrs. Agogho Veronica Aneneg is holder of BSc and MEd degrees in Curriculum Studies and Teaching from the University of Buea. She has attended many IB workshops on the teaching and learning in the IB and also on the coordination of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. She has been an IB examiner since 2016.

She started her journey in the education field more than two decades ago. Some Fifteen years ago, she began her experience as an administrator. Her administrative experience includes seven years as vice principal in high School in the national system and eight years as International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinator in the first school authorized to offer the International Diploma programme in Central Africa. She has ten years’ experience in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

RISS Galaxy an International Baccalaureate Candidate School, welcomes Mrs Agogho as the new Head of School with her rich experience garnered during her active participation in the authorization and evaluation processes of the Diploma programme in her last school.

At RISS Galaxy Candidate School, we are committed to delivering a range of diverse learning experiences that develop and nurture knowledge and skills, dispositions and values, social and emotional maturity, mental and physical balance, all aimed at facilitating the holistic development of the learner. Learning at RISS Galaxy is collaborative, interactive and strongly supported by technology, in varied local and global contexts. skill development being the cornerstone of our endeavours, you will see your child evolve his/her thinking, self-management, social, communication and research skills.

Mrs Agogho is a student centred administrator who cares deeply for all students and their success. It takes the dedication of a caring staff and the support of a caring community to provide a wonderful journey to all our students. She looks forward to working with the whole school community to help bring the best high school experience for all of our students.



Mme Veronica Aneneg Agogho

International Baccalaureat

Russian international secondary school Galaxy is a Candidate School* for the IB.
This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School.
These are schools that share a common philosophy—a commitment to high quality, challenging,
international education that Russian  school Galaxy believes is important for our students.

*Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its four academic programmes:
the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme, or the Career-related Programme (CP).
Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted.
For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit 


Our purpose is to create life-long learners for the world by instilling in them a sense of inquiry, risk-taking, and exploration to be students who will love to learn with intense motivation.

We strive to develop students with a global mindset, giving them the skills needed to confidently become productive global citizens. We provide a comprehensive, inclusive and stimulating learning environment in tune with humanity and our contemporary world.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child is a Galaxy unique and capable of doing everything with full potentials to explore any career in future. The wellbeing of every student is at the heart of our concerns, as we provide a caring environment and a close-unit extended school community, where students have opportunity to develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.
RISS-Galaxy empowers and mentors students to develop international mindedness, become global citizens and creative lifelong learners, who value cultural diversity.

Why International Baccalaureate?

Students learn through hands-on activities

IB DP students are taught concepts in a tangible lesson, so that they proactively engage with material and become self-motivated to learn it. Unlike standard high school education, IB DP students are granted the independence they need to form logical conclusions on their own, to discover enthusiasm in learning new material. rather than to only sit back and listen to teachers’ lecture.

Experiential Learning

The IB organizes many subjects and learning processes that promote deep understanding in students through real-world experiences that help students increase their knowledge, skills and clarify their values. IB has gone to the extent of putting experiential learning in the curriculum of the diploma programme through a subject called “Creativity, Activity Service,” or CAS. This subject has many innovative elements that initiate hands-on learning and help students reflect on real-world situations. The subject is not academically rewarded, but it plays a critical role in tying all of the IB subjects together.

The IB Diploma Programme teaches more than academics

Interpersonal values and ethical decision-making are fundamentals in the IB approach. IB Students are taught to be good communicators, risk-takers, team members and caring citizens who are open-minded and knowledgeable about other cultures. Non-DP programs often focus too much on academics, forgetting that students need to develop valuable characteristics that will carry them through school and the rest of their lives.

Development of intellectual faculties

The research skills that IB imbibes in their students are pretty evident in their IB diploma program. They have a subject for which they have to be academically reflective of current global scenarios and write a research paper on the same. The paper is called an “Extended Essay” and involves taking up a topic of relevance from different streams and writing a 4000-word essay.  These capabilities, when instilled at a very young age, can give them the ability to have better reasoning abilities. preparing them for university studies.

Improving Students Liberal Mindset and Global Outlook

IB in itself is a mix of different cultures and contextual thinking. They try to help students mingle and understand how different cultures coexist in the world. They are encouraged to be open minded and envision themselves as needing to think outside the box. They become more adaptive, intellectually curious, and proficient as they learn about different traditions, lifestyles and approaches.

The IB Diploma Programme focusses on university preparation, rather than just completion of high school

High school education is no doubt a crucial stage in the student’s journey. However, merely completing high school credits does not guarantee a student’s preparation for what comes next. IB DP students develop the necessary work ethic, responsibility and independence to tackle university, in comparison to standard high school students, who are not specifically encouraged to be independent, self-reliant learners.

The IB Diploma is a globally recognized achievement

An IB Diploma not only sets a student apart from other university applicants, but the IB DP is recognized by well over 2000 universities from 74 countries around the world. it’s a diploma that international academics recognize as a much higher level of education than standard high school diplomas.

Increased Scholarship Opportunities

IB students are always rated higher than students who haven’t had exposure to the IB curriculum. The IB curriculum trains and encourages students in different aspects and helps them be as unique and rare as possible, helping them stand out among non-IB students. A number of universities all over the world provide IB scholarships to IB students ranging from partial to full.

IB Schoolboard

Our School Board is comprised of dedicated professional people from all walks of life and connections to the School – with one common purpose. The careful stewardship of the School’s Vision and Values and the strategic framework that guides the growth and development of RIS GALAXY in the present and into the future.

Miriam Orock​ Batoko


Miriam has over 13 years of teaching experience, from early years through primary to secondary. She has equally handled key positions e.g schools coordinator, deputy director and director in some renown international schools of the region. She has perfect mastery of the Montessori method of teaching as well as a good knowledge of the IB DP framework. Miriam loves to educate children and is keen on implementing international approach when teaching.

- Bachelor's degree in communication des organisation
- IB DP Head of school
- IB DP Coordinator
- IB DP TOK teacher

Mme Miriam Orock Batoko

IB DP Coordinator and Tok

Tanyitiku MMA A. Epse Kana

Dean of studies (Anglophone Secondary)
Biology Teacher
Academic and careers counsellor

Mrs Kana has led the secondary departments in a good number of schools over the nation's territory, accumulating a solid 20 years of teaching experience. Since it's creation, she has led the english section of the secondary. She also doubles as the 'Mother' all our students. In addition to Cameroon GCE program, she is fully versed with the Cambridge and IB curricula.

- Diploma, Higher Teacher’s Training College
- Major: Biology
- Minor: Chemistry

- BSC in Biochemistry
- IB DP Category 1 Biology

Mme Tanyitiku MMA A. Epse Kana

Group 4 – Biology

Awah Oliver Nde

IBDP Language and Literature
Acquisition Teacher
Academic and Careers Counselor

Mr. Awah has 23 solid years in teaching. 12 years in School Administration, and 8 years in the IB. He has had experience and ositive influence on most lay private and International Schools around the count He is among the pioneers trained for IB in 2017 in Douala. Has a good mastery of both the GCE and IB DP curriculum. He is a good mentor and team leader.

- Masters degree in industrial psychology
- Master Trainers Laureate with British Council train the trainer program
- IB DP Trained teacher and Examiner for HL language and literature. Category 1 / Category 3
- Other certificates on teacher mentoring

Mr Awah Oliver Nde

Group 1 and Group 2

Fondzeyuf Elvis​

CAS & Pedagogic Projects Coordinator

He has been teaching 7 years nationally and 6 years internationally a wide range of subjects and courses during his educational career, ranging from humanities, global perspective, coordinating physical education / service learning and english language arts. More so, he has been in to educational administration for more than 3 years. His energetic, dynamic and versatile nature brings a lot in the dream team as coordinator of pedagogic projects.

- Bachelor of science degree in geography
- IB DP CAS coordinator
- IB DP geography teacher
- Certified long-distance runner from the IAAF
- Certificates in pedagogic mentoring (discipline and assesment)

Mr Fondzeyuf Elvis


Kome Abdu K. Yarayen

TOK Coordinator

Mr Kome is an open-minded person with an inquiring mind. He is organized, committed, and very hard-working. Being a researcher, he is very influential in inspiring Students both on the IB DP and local program. With two years of teaching experience at the University of Ngaoundere and three years of teaching in secondary education, he is one of the earliest trained IB teachers in Cameroon. He has 7 years of IB experience. He is willing to discover and accept new challenges which will tickle effective practice.

- Master in political history
- IB DP trained teacher and examiner HL/SL
in global politics
- TOK Coordinator
- Other certificates on teaching

Mr Kome Abdu K. Yarayen

Group 3Global Politics

Ndi Nelson Tingnyui


Mr. Ndi Nelson is a devoted facilitator in computer science and Mathematics. He has 8 years experience as a facilitator in Computer Science and Mathematics.

- Dipet 1 in fundamental Computer Science
- IB DP trained Teacher in Mathematics

Mr Ndi Nelson Tingnyui

Group 5 – Math

Mabel K. Waindim

School Councellor, psychologist and class teacher

Mme Mabel has 9 years of teaching experience. 8 years of which have been with RIS GALAXY. She is commited to the success and development of her learners and always finds her way around children of all ages. She has a good mastery of child psychology and produces excellent* results in all areas in which she's involved.

- Bachelor of education
- Major: educational psychology
- Minor: curriculum studies in geography

- IB DP Category 1

Mme Mabel K. Waindim

Group 1 – Language and Literature

Madeleine Defo

General Supervisor and
French Teacher

Mme. Defo has 17 years of experience in secondary education and administration. She has held several positions of responsibility such as general supervisor, prefect of studies and coordinator of the college.

- Maitrise en Linguistique
- Licence en langue française
- DEA en Linguistique

Mme Madeleine Defo​

French B

Epesong Kelly Chu.

School librarian

Mme Epesong Kelly has been teaching for 6 years now. And has been teaching both online and offline. She's someone who's very passionate and enthusiastic about her job. Moreso, she teaches communication skills, Grammar and vocabulary as well as Business English. And equally experienced in tutoring prose in literature. Her versatile spirit is seen in her readiness to teach learners of all levels.

- Bachelor Degreein Logistics and Transport
- Certifies TESOL / TOELF Tutor Accredited from Accredit World Tesol Academy
- Qualified English and Literature Tutor

Mme Epesong Kelly Chu.

School Librarian

Mr Enongene Nnoko

Group 3 – Economics SL

Mr Anyamoh Panepane

Economics HL and EE Coordinator

Mr Wandji Aime

Group 4 – Chemistry

Joanne Naëlle Siegni Tchougam

Enseignante de Français

Mme Tchougam has one year of experience within our Galaxy establishment.

- Literature degree
- Cat 1 training ongoing
- Language A: language and literature

Mme Joanne Naëlle Siegni Tchougam

Groupe 3 – French A

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the IB Curriculum rigorous?

In the Program, students are not only taught but they learn how to learn:

Throughout all IB programmes, students develop approaches to learning skills and the attributes of the IB learner profile. 

  • The IB learner is positively challenged to think critically and to learn in a flexible environment crossing disciplinary, cultural and national boundaries.
  • IB students take responsibility for their own learning and understand how knowledge itself is constructed, underpinned by our unique theory of knowledge (TOK) course.
What makes Students in the IB Programme outstanding?

The IB programmes help students to:

  • ask challenging questions
  • think critically
  • learn across disciplines
  • develop research skills proven to help them in higher education.

IB programmes also encourage students to be active in their communities and to take their learning beyond academic study.

When is the best time for students to enroll in the IB Diploma Programme?

Students do not enroll in the IB Diploma Programme until when they obtain GCE Ordinary Level or any equivalent certificate. The IB allows for the possibility of a one year Foundation year preparatory course during which all subjects are taught to help the students judge which subjects they are good at to inform the subjects they chose when they join the diploma programme.

Is a lot of extra homework involved in IB classes?

IB courses, like many other college-prep classes, require more independent learning. The challenge is not always in the amount of homework assigned; rather, it is in the quality of the assignments and the extent to which students complete those assignments. 

The added benefit is that students take greater responsibility for their own learning while they learn valuable time management and organization skills. Students do not have to forego other important parts of school life. They may still remain involved in sports, student government, clubs, theatre, music, community events, and other extra-curricular activities. Such activities are incorporated into the IB Diploma Program through CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) and the Diploma Programme through the Community and Service requirement.

If you are an athlete, is the IB Diploma Programme the right program for you?

Once again, the typical IB student is involved in sports, student government, clubs, theater, music, community events, as well as other extracurricular activities. Not only does the IB program emphasize the holistic development of a student but these activities are incorporated and encouraged through the completion of the CAS project and diploma. This requirement provides students the opportunity to pursue interests, passions, and activities that transcend the typical academic curriculum and challenges the student to fully actualize and realize their full potential.

Is IB just for the "high flyers" (RIS GALAXY students or "Top 10" students)?

The beauty of an IB Education is that, as it seeks to grow students in their critical thinking, inquiry skills, global and international mindedness, balance, and self-reflection, it is also committed to differentiating so that all students can earn the diploma. We realize that not all students will come to the program at the same academic level, but IB, unlike the GCE AL, is designed to use approaches to teaching and learning that nurture the strengths and improve the weaknesses of each student.

Does RISS GALAXY have the Teachers for such a rigorous program?

RISS GALAXY Teachers involved in the IB Diploma Programme, are trained by the International Baccalaureate Organization via workshops to become equipped for the kind of independent writing and critical thinking skills that students will need.

RISS GLAXY teachers are either IB trained teachers or are working with teachers experienced in the IB through continuous internal professional development encounters to make sure that students are given the right support to be successful in the Diploma Programme during their junior and senior years.

Increased Scholarship Opportunities

IB students are always rated higher than students who haven’t had exposure to the IB curriculum. The IB curriculum trains and encourages students in different aspects and helps them be as unique and rare as possible, helping them stand out among non-IB students. A number of universities all over the world provide IB scholarships to IB students ranging from partial to full.

IB education empower Students for a successful future

Enrolling your child in an IB programme offers a challenging yet rewarding educational experience. The IB’s emphasis on conceptual studies, experimental learning, independent thinking, personal and professional development, and global acceptance make it an appealing choice for parents seeking a comprehensive education for their children. By choosing IB education, you are equipping your child with the skills and knowledge necessary for future success.

Here are documents for more informations

Academic Integrity 

Diploma Program
Assessment Policy

Inclusion Policy

Language Policy

Admission Policy