Kids in nursery section will be taught by 2 qualified teachers in english and french equally. There is an option of an extended school day for the younger ones. They can have a nap in a cozy bedroom and have some more play as well as do arts and crafts. Kids in nursery section have their own canteen and a playground with slides, sandbox and a tunnel. Each class has a capacity of 25 students maximum.

In primary section Russian will be taught as a foreign language, giving the opportunity to the kids to learn the basics of the language and discover Russian culture. Each class has a TV, giving the opportunity to the kids watch educational videos. From class 1 kids will be separated into anglophone and francophone sections, but they will continue intensive learning of the second language.

Our secondary section is composed of anglophone and francophone sections. It responds to modernity that demands quality training. It is well equipped with a multimedia room with computers connected to the internet, a bilingual library and scientific laboratory to always ensure academic excellence. Students study intensively the Russian language, which gives them a great opportunity to continue their studies in russian universities and other universities abroad.

Our equipment

The school is equipped with a modern sports ground, library, computer class,science lab, 2 playgrounds and a recreational area. The school has a canteen which offers full meals. Besides curriculum activities, we are glad to offer a range of after-school activities: football, dance, piano, taekwondo, etc. The school has a school bus which is used for transportation of students to and from school, as well as for school field-trips.

Subject Rooms


Our Arts room is will equipped with good space, materials and well positioned with good windows that gives in great light for Students to be able to express themselves better in their artistic work. We strive to develop excellent learners, inquirers, and creative problem-solvers by cultivating curiosity about themselves, others, and the world. Galaxy Students devote themselves and transmit their vision, experiences, and ideas through the arts they produce, and present.


RIS GALAXY’s school canteens are vital for nurturing our pupils’ and students’ well-being. It serves as a hub for balanced nutrition, promoting healthy eating habits that contribute to academic performance. Beyond food, it fosters social interaction and a sense of community, enhancing the overall educational experience. The canteen is a cornerstone of holistic student development.

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Our school library encourages the love for learning, enhances research skills, and promotes critical thinking. It serves as a sanctuary for exploration, creativity, and knowledge, enriching students’ education and shaping their intellectual growth.


Music is taught in our school as a course. It introduces students to the basics of music, it forms, ways and styles from a variety of historical and socio-cultural contexts through lessons, performance, and critical analysis. Students learn to create, express themselves and reflect on music from their own, others’ backgrounds and the genre they are interested in with the guide of the instructors. Music is taught from Primary years through secondary. They gain practical and communicative skills through these lessons. Students who are willing to profound their musical skill integrate the clubs as it permits them to have more hours of learning in music.


Our playgrounds forster holistic development, physical activities, social interactions and imaginative plays. At RIS galaxy students are engaged in individual and team games that permits them to develop valuable life skills, such as; cooperation, communication and risk taking.


All children have a right to quality sports provision, it’s our aim to help them fulfil their potential within and outside of sport.


Our science laboratory is a vital facility in our school as it provides hands-on learning experiences, fostering practical understanding of scientific concepts. It helps our students to cultivate the culture of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and curiosity. Our students develop experimental skills, enhancing their comprehension and interest in science, ultimately preparing them for real-world challenges and careers in STEM fields.


RIS GALAXY embraces digitalization of education . The IT room in our school is invaluable, serving as a hub for digital learning. It equips students with essential tech skills, facilitates online research, and enables interactive education, preparing them for a technology-driven future.


Our sports room helps our students to improve in their physical well-being and promote a balanced education. It encourages students to be engaged in physical activities, fostering teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. through sports, students learn valuable life skills that extend beyond the classroom, contributing to their overall development.