Événements scolaires 2023 – 2024

Dates Activités
4th September
School Resumption
16th September
Parents’ Meeting
21st September
Peace Day
5th of October
Teachers’ Day
12th October
Mid-term break
27th October
Career Day
17th November
Cultural Day
25th November
Students’ Led Conference
14th/15th December
Nursery end of year feast Primary and secondary end of year feast
3rd of January
Re-opening for the Second Term
17th of January
Secondary Arts Exhibition
2th February
Bilingualism day
5th February
Youth Week
9th February
Science Day
23rd February
Maslenitsa (20thof February 2023 -24thof February 2023)
8th March
Women’s Day
Re-opening for the 3rd term
1st May
Labour Day
9th May
Victory Day (9th of May 2023)
17th May
Cooking Day (Master Chef)
20th May
National Day
31st May
Environmental Day
6th June
Nusery Feast
7th June
Primary Feast
8th June
Secondary Feast


Events plan